High School Testing and Assessment

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Head of School Letter Regarding State Testing [PDF]

Spring Test Site/Location List [PDF]

Spring OGT High School Testing List [PDF]

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What tests are required as part of the program? • K12 lesson assessments • K12 unit assessments • Ohio Graduation Tests • Math and literacy benchmark testing • State Test Preparation assessments

Families enrolling at OHVA must be willing to participate in all required areas of the program. State Assessments Upon enrollment or re-registration, parents agree to follow the Parent Compact, which includes the requirement to attend state F2F testing. My student will participate in all required state achievement and diagnostic testing. It is my responsibility to provide transportation to and from the test site(s). Testing dates are determined by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). Failure to follow the school's program requirements may result in my student's removal from the Ohio Virtual Academy. Student attendance and participation in scheduled standardized assessments includes, but is not limited to, Ohio State Assessments, OGT (grades 11 & 12) and literacy and numeracy assessments. Participation is mandatory during our standardized testing window. As a public school, all students enrolled in grades 3 through 10 participate in the OHIO Assessment Program during the state-mandated time frame. All testing times, dates, and locations, including testing information for students enrolled will be communicated to students and parents by their OHVA advisors and teachers. OHVA will provide as much notice as possible to facilitate family scheduling and planning. OGT testing window information can be found on our school calendar, which is located in the Appendix of this handbook.

Families are strongly encouraged to be available during the entire testing window. The results collected from standardized assessment is used in a number of ways by the parent, teacher, and in the evaluation of the effectiveness of our program. All individual results are also provided to the parent of each student. Failure to participate in state testing can result in a student's removal from Ohio Virtual Academy, and after 2 missed tests, students may be prohibited from enrolling in any other eSchool in Ohio. *Note: Students with Alternate Assessments or special education accommodations for testing may test on a different schedule. Contact your child's intervention specialist if you have questions.