School Board Information

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To contact the OHVA Board of Trustees, email

Location of all board meetings is now at our new office address 1690 Woodlands Dr. Maumee, OH 43537, Suite 200.

The Board of Trustees meets at 2 pm on the following dates:

Ohio Virtual Academy Board Meetings and Minutes
Date Agendas Minutes
August 9, 2016 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
October 18, 2016 Agenda [PDF]  
December 13, 2016    
February 21, 2017    
April 18, 2017
May 16, 2017    
June 20, 2017


Note: Minutes are posted after the following board meeting. Example: August minutes will be posted following the October meeting.

To access previous school years School Board Information, visit the archives.

Listed below are our Board of Trustees:

Matt Norton: President

David Kalman: Vice President

Sarah Zimmerman: Secretary

Kelly Arndt: Board Treasurer

Tim Dirrim: Board Member

Ron Simon: Board Member

Gina Lopez: Board Member

Stephen Vasquez: Board Member

Adam Davenport: Board Member

Jacob Moeller: Board Member

Special Notices

Request for Quote


The Ohio Virtual Academy Charter School Board of Trustees (“Board”) is issuing a Request for Quote to lease computers and peripherals and coordinate physical locations and staff, provide staff and staff training, and equip each computer with the specifications and the imaging necessary to implement the Ohio Department of Education’s 2016–2017 online state testing system.  Ohio Virtual Academy serves students throughout the state and students will not be expected to travel more than 60 miles to take state tests.


Computers and Peripherals: Quotes must include the cost of leasing approximately 720 laptop computers and peripherals to be shipped in late October 2016.  Computers must comply with the system requirements found here:  The Board will keep the 720 computers through mid-May.  An additional 3,780 laptop computers and peripherals must be shipped by the last week of January. A total of 4,500 laptop computers and peripherals will be returned to the lessor in mid-May. 

Quotes must include leasing of laptops, proctor machines, imaging, kitting, inbound and outbound shipping to a central Ohio location, remote software, headphones, mice, power strips, extension cords, custom foam insert boxes with handles, and return processing.

Networking: Quotes must provide for networking and may include jetpacks and/or cradlepoints. The Board projects a need to network 60 locations serving greater than 10 students each for one month during November 2016.

Beginning in February and running until mid-May (3.5 months), the Board projects a networking need of 50 locations serving greater than 10 students and 10 locations each serving less than 10 students. 

Transportation and Storage: Quotes must include the intra-state transportation of laptop computers and peripherals  to the various sites throughout Ohio and may require temporary, secure storage solutions.

Site Procurement and Management: Quotes must provide for the procurement of testing sites.  Approximately 50 locations capable of serving 10 or more students will be needed during the month of November 2016. 

Beginning in February and running through mid-May approximately 60 locations must be procured.  Approximately 50 locations should be able to serve 10 or more students and 10 locations should be able to serve less than 10 students. 

Each site must be validated to ensure the site is capable of handling networking needs. The quote should include the negotiation of site rates and the cost of setting up and dismantling each site. If the site has security concerns, the vendor should accommodate those.  The Board will be responsible for signing and managing site contracts.

Staffing, Tech Support, and Training:

Project Coordinator: The vendor should provide for a project coordinator to manage logistics related to equipment, support, training, and communication. The project coordinator will be expected to work directly with Ohio Virtual Academy Testing Coordinator, the Ohio Department of Education, and Pearson Education, as necessary.

Tech Support Leads: The quote must include Tech Support Leads for approximately 10 weeks.  Leads will perform a second validation of the network capabilities at each test site 2–3 weeks prior to the test start dates. Leads must be available for onsite and/or remote support.  Tech Support Leads will manage and train onsite tech support. Tech Support Leads are expected to develop a basic troubleshooting guide for the Onsite Tech Support.

Onsite Tech Support: The quote shall provide for at least one Onsite Tech Support staff member at each site, possibly 2 for larger sites, during the testing period. This person will be responsible for setting up the network, troubleshooting, assisting with site set-up and tear-down. Training must be provided for all onsite personnel.  The exact support plan will be jointly decided between the Board and the selected vendor.

Remote Tech Support: At least three people should be available on the first test day and one person on other days. 

Image Creation:

Quotes should include the creation of laptop and proctor machine imaging to AIR assessments, and Ohio Virtual Academy requirements.


Questions should be emailed to Daniel J Zawisza Operations Manager at


Quotes must be submitted to Daniel Zawisza by Monday, October 3 at 5:00 p.m. EST


Quotes must be delivered to the Ohio Virtual Academy Charter School Board, 1690 Woodlands Drive, Suite 200, Maumee, OH 43537 by 5:00 p.m. EST.