What Parents and Alums Say

"OHVA has given my child something that no other school could: a sense of accomplishment, self-esteem, and the ability to proceed at a rate that he is able to do and achieve tremendous results. Schools should focus around the student, and that is what OHVA does--they are there for the children. My son has grown and developed scholastically by leaps and bounds. Thank you, OHVA!" - T. Carey

"What a blessing this school has been in our lives. My son has been able to learn and grow. The teachers and administration are wonderful and very involved with the students and parents. So happy we made the change but sorry that my son is graduating and will be leaving this wonderful school! At least he has been well prepared!" - N. Turner, Parent

"I attended OHVA from 7th or 8th grade through graduation. In my opinion, this was the best school for me, my dreams and my education! I started taking college courses in high school, transitioned right into the university I had been working through and then graduated in two years and was immediately accepted into nursing school-an honest dream come true! The teachers were amazing, focused on the students and their needs and the classes were the right level of challenging with great options to seek a higher challenge. I graduated in 2012 and within a month was working as a journalist for the local paper, while attending college full time to pursue nursing. It was flexible and prepared me in almost every way possible. I would definitely recommend OHVA!!" - Z. Pendleton, Graduate

"I chose OHVA after researching many home-based schools in Ohio and finding that OHVA was highly recommended by parents and students alike. I, too, now recommend OHVA to anyone who is ready for a change in their child's education." - K. R. Perkins, Parent

"We love the curriculum and the choices she is given as far as electives. We love the freedom for her to explore activities as well as academics and it is just a perfect fit for us!" - G. Anderson, Parent

"We chose OHVA because we wanted something better for our children. I knew another family who had enrolled one of their daughters and loved it. When I saw a sample of the curriculum, I was sure we'd made the right choice. I love the blend of flexibility along with accountability." - S. Armstrong, Parent

"In her other school, [my daughter] was always lost in her Language Arts class. Now she understands very clearly the parts of speech and can identify them easily. I appreciate K12 History as well. The way it's broken down into different books makes it easier to digest, rather than a huge book with tiny little words." - R. Robinson, Parent

"Before enrolling in [the Ohio Virtual Academy], I home-schooled my daughter, and I was always wondering how we were doing ... Before, we would muddle through and hope we were covering everything that she needed for each grade. Now we know that she is getting a quality education with a proven curriculum. When I home-schooled, I wasn't sure if my daughter would have a diploma when she finished 12th grade; now I know she will. Everyone at K12 and the school district has been just great, answering all my questions in a very prompt manner." - Anonymous