Ohio Virtual Academy: A Look at Growth

Enjoy the OHVA Annual Report for 18-19 [PDF] for a distinctive look at the school's culture and its focus on academic growth for students.

Literacy Grade: We are proud of our "B"*


ADA Compliance—Narrative Description: The K–3 Literacy Score chart displays a Kindergarten—3rd grade literacy score of 41.30% in school year 2014–2015, and 44.70% in school year 2015–2016, which is an improvement of 3.4%.  A predicted literacy score of 60.60% is anticipated for school year 2016–2017. 

Ohio Virtual Academy achieved a B for the Literacy Rate according to the Ohio State Report Card for the school.  Teachers worked diligently to support those identified as struggling with literacy, and showed marked improvement.

Graduation Rate:  *


ADA Compliance—Narrative Description:  The Graduation Rate Trend chart shows a 4 year graduation rate of 33.9% and a five year graduation rate of 38.6% in 2011. The four year graduation rate was 41.6% and the five year graduation rate was 47.2% in 2012. In 2013 the four year graduation rate was 36.6% and the five year graduation rate was 41.8%. The four year graduation rate in 2014 was 46.7% and five year graduation rate was 52.9%. In 2015 the four year graduation rate was 46.7% and the 5 year rate was 58.2%. The predicted four year graduation rate for 2016 is 57.1%.  

Ohio Virtual Academy is making strides to support students for graduation. Being an OHVA graduate is a proud accomplishment and we are pleased to support students for their future success beyond high school.  As an e-school, our school is committed to serving students, even when mobility rate may be higher than other schools.  Graduation rates provided on the report card are for graduates that have completed High School in the school year 15–16. Our graduation rate for our 16–17 school year has already increased an additional 5%. Also, our internal graduation rate, for the students who were with us for their senior year, is 94%. We are excited about the opportunities for our students.

*Data from the OHVA State Report Card. Predicted data will be confirmed with the release of the new report card in mid- September (2017).