Literacy Day

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Stay Tuned for Literacy Days 2018!

Mark your calendars for Nov. 2 and Nov. 9.  Our theme and plans will be posted for you soon.   To get an idea of the upcoming activities, view the resources below from the 2017 Literacy Days. 

Super Heroes to the Rescue!

Literacy Day was a great success!  Thank you to all who participated. 

Below you'll find the resources used or referred to on Literacy Day.  Enjoy!

Grades K- 5 - Dex, the Heart of a Hero

Students in grades K-5 read the story Dex, the Heart of a Hero.  Dex was just a little dog with big dreams of helping others.  Everyone can become a super hero when they determine they can help others, even when teased or confronted with others who don't believe they can do it.  

Dex Play -- read and reread, and then act it out!

Create Your Own Super Hero

Super Hero Writing

R.A.C.E. Template

Super Hero Flip Reading Game - for K-2 - Reading/Sight word practice


Middle School (6-8)

Number the Stars by Lois Lowry was used at the Middle School level to spark great conversation and small group work.  Students learned about the brave Danish people who rescued many Jews during WWII while Germany occupied Denmark.  While this is historical fiction, the themes of bravery, and standing up to injustice is a perfect way to inspire our students to be real life Super Heroes!

Background Info for Number the Starts

MS Activity Discussion Sheet

Create a Comic Strip:  Write your own story to show how injustice was stopped in some way.  Use the comic strip bubbles for fun. 

Parent Session:

The LC's Super Power:  Wait Time


High School

Thank you to all of our High School Helpers for supporting the students and staff!