OHVA Yearbook

Did you know OHVA has a yearbook? We do, and it's sponsored by OHVA Boosters!

Working with TreeRing publishers, OHVA has a yearbook with family-uploaded pictures that only costs around $20...including shipping!

Some facts about our TreeRing yearbook:

  • Each book starts with the 'base' 34 pages of school events, graduations, outings, etc.
  • Book has 2 pages YOU can personalize with your pics for your child/children.
  • Book + shipping is less than $20!!
  • Start your account now, upload pictures and customize a page for your child/ren!

The more people we have signed up and sharing pictures, the more content is in our yearbook! The purchase deadline is June 30, 2020. 

The following links contain information about the yearbook as well as some sample pages from last year's book. The second link will walk you through creating your account with instructions and screen shots.

If you have any questions, please contact our Yearbook Editor Jackie Lude, jlude@ohva.org. Not online much? You can sign up online then add pictures to TreeRing from your phone!