Get Involved with Student Council

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High school students involved in Student Council have an impact on OHVA students, staff and families.

Purpose: The purpose of student council is to act as a vehicle of communication between students, faculty, surrounding community and school administration.

What does Student Council do?

  • Work with the student body to make OHVA an even better place!
  • Organize Regional Outings (required: 1 in first semester, 1 in second semester)
  • Participate in Service Projects (required: 1 in first semester, 1 in second semester)
  • Promote the dances (November and May in Columbus, OH)!

Interested in joining student council?

Send a Kmail to the Student Council Advisor, Mrs. Julie Keaton including the information below:

  1. Your first and last name
  2. Your grade (9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th)
  3. Number of years have you attended OHVA
  4. Extra-curricular activity you are involved in (any OHVA club, any K12 national club, any community club, group or organization)
  5. County you live in

Would you like to meet some AWESOME people? There are events and activities across the state. Click on the "Events and Activities Link" to find more Information!

All Student Council Information

Activity Advisor Events and Activities
2015 Fall Dance Mrs. Julie Keaton 2015 Fall Dance Informational Forms [PDF]


Regional Council Information

Region Regional Advisor(s) Events and Activities
Northwest Mr. Jeremy England  
Northeast Mrs. Heather McClellan  
Central Mrs. Sharon Annis  
Southeast Mrs. Joelle Endsley  
South Central Mrs. Julie Keaton Mrs. Joli Taylor  
Southwest Ms. Greta Bruner Mr. Dwight Shaw