Welcome to Ohio Virtual Academy’s High School Program

At OHVA, we want everyone to become a graduate. Questions, contact your school counselor!

The K12 high school program provides OHVA students with a high school experience like no other. With more than 90 online courses from which to choose, including three to four versions of core subjects, students can enjoy an individualized high school program tailored to their goals and abilities.

Meet our High School Team:  Get to know your student's administrators and teachers!

OHVA high school students receive many benefits through the K12 high school program, including:

  • Outstanding, individualized curriculum from K12, the leading online K–12 curriculum provider for the K–12 community and an AdvancED-accredited company
  • Multiple curriculum options to meet the needs of diverse learners
  • Diverse high school catalog with more than 160 courses, including up to four levels of courses in Math, Language Arts, Science, and History
  • Individualized Learning Plan for each student charts a course for success during and after high school
  • Teachers, advisors, counselors, coordinators, and other educational personnel--offering personalized, extensive support to students and families
  • Extracurricular clubs and activities
  • In-person teacher-led and school-sponsored events where they can network with their peers

Who is this intended for?

Students in grades 9–12 who reside within the state of Ohio are eligible to attend OHVA for high school. It is OHVA’s expectation that most of our students who regularly attend school and achieve academic success will be promoted to the next grade level. The high standards and rigor of the K12 curriculum are more challenging than most traditional curriculum programs. Students are expected to make sufficient progress in mastering a year's worth of curricular content and objectives in a year's time, according to the Ohio State Standards.

A student moves from one grade level to another at the conclusion of each school year based on the year they enter high school. This does not guarantee that a student will graduate in four years. Students must earn the correct number of credits in the state-required areas in order to graduate.

General Ohio Graduation criteria for Classes Beginning 2014

English/Language Arts 4 Credits
Mathematics 4 Credits
Science 3 Credits
Social Studies 3 Credits
Physical Education .5 Credit
Health .5 Credit
Electives 5 Credits
20 Credits Total (Minimum Requirement)

Students will be considered on track for graduation based on the following minimum credit guidelines: 

Grade Level Beginning of the Year
End of the Year
Freshman – 9th Grade
0 Credits 5 Credits
Sophomores – 10th Grade
5 Credits 10 Credits
Juniors – 11th Grade
10 Credits 15 Credits
Seniors – 12th Grade
15 Credits 20 Credits

To request a transcript, parents or students may request one online. NOTE:
All Final Transcripts for graduates (with graduation dates) will not be available until after the final day of school each year. You may still request official and unofficial transcripts at any time. Students may contact their guidance counselor to determine credits earned and grade level placement.