The Destinations Career Program

Your student can prepare for college and career with the Destinations Career Program at OHVA.

What is Destinations?

Destinations SealDestinations gives students exposure to relevant skills from career technical education (CTE) courses built around Business, Finance, Information Technology, and Marketing—allowing them to explore occupations of interest. These engaging, content-rich courses expand the traditional education experience and maximize a student’s ability to succeed in the community and workforce. Successful completion of these courses may help students prepare for industry certification tests after graduation.*

Courses are based on the knowledge and skills required for each career pathway in the following in-demand career field:

  • Business Management and Administration: Careers in planning, organizing, directing, and evaluating business functions essential to efficient and productive business operations. Learn more about Business Management and Administration.
  • Finance: Careers in recording, classifying, summarizing, analyzing, and communicating financial information/transactions, managing and implementing capital structure, budgeting, acquisition and investment, financial modeling and planning, funding, dividends, and taxation decision-making. Learn more about Finance.
  • Information Technology (IT): Building linkages in IT occupations for entry level, technical, and professional careers related to the design, development, support, and management of hardware, software, multimedia, and systems integration services. Learn more about Information Technology.
  • Marketing: Careers in planning, directing, and providing marketing communications, strategy, advertising, promotion, and public relations activities. Learn more about Marketing.

*Please note: Only students who participate in The Destinations Career Program for at least two years will have enough exposure to CTE courses to be best prepared for certification testing. Microsoft Office certifications may be earned as early as after one semester.

For questions specific to the Destinations Career Program at OHVA, please contact:

Lauren Logan, CTE Dean:

Business Professionals of America (BPA) Membership

Destinations students have the opportunity to join OHVA's chapter of BPA, one of the premier organizations for students pursuing careers in business and information technology. BPA is a co-curricular activity that enhances opportunities for students to participate in professional, civic, and service projects. Membership allows them to:

  • Connect with like-minded students who have similar career and academic interests
  • Participate in academic competitions and community service activities
  • Work toward earning industry-recognized certifications
  • Participate in the Torch Awards program which guides service learning projects
  • Develop leadership skills by running for local or national office