High School Testing and Assessment

Testing Information:

OHVA Fall Semester 2018 Testing Schedule

OHVA Fall Semester 2018 Testing Locations

Important Notice: Families should refer to the Principal Letter and check their student’s email regarding a parent meeting and testing requirements for this fall and winter season. This will be updated in the Spring of 2019.

OHVA Spring Semester 2019 Testing Schedule

Required ACT Testing for 11th Graders:

Taking the ACT Student Handout
Creating an Account with ACT
ACT Student and Family Notice
Completing Your Information Prior to ACT Testing

Student Practice Site (Ohio´s State Assessments)

Families enrolling at OHVA must be willing to participate in all required areas of the program, including testing.

State Assessments: Upon enrollment or re-registration, parents agree to follow the Learning Coach/Parent Compact, which includes the requirement to attend state F2F testing. My student will participate in all required state achievement and diagnostic testing. It is my responsibility to provide transportation to and from the test site(s). Testing dates are determined by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE).