Welcome to Ohio Virtual Academy's K-8 Program

Welcome to Ohio Virtual Academy School's K-8 Program! We are excited to have you and your student join us this school year.

As your student's learning coach, you will work with your teacher on scheduling, pacing, and monitoring your child's online school progress. However, we partner with you to ensure a successful learning experience for your child. As the school year starts, your teacher will be right by your side, guiding you and your student.

Please use the resources on this website to help get your school year off to a strong start. You'll find an entire support network of parents you can connect with.

Get advice from parents who have done this before, attend information sessions, see helpful videos, and more.

Where do I start?

1. Log into the Online School and set up a student account.

2. Visit the School Year Guide to view short how-to videos, get information about OHVA orientations, and become familiar with the Online School.

3. Join an online parent group and find out about school activities in your region: fast_facts.pdf [PDF]

You will hear from your school representative once the school year starts. But by going through the steps outlined above, you will have already completed many of the tools needed to get your school year started.

What to Expect

The award-winning K12 curriculum brings lessons to life with a rich mixture of online and offline teaching tools, including interactive animations, award-winning printed books with beautiful illustrations and narrative, original CDs and videos, and materials for hands-on experiments. In addition, lesson plans for each subject are integrated, so your child may be reading literature from the same time period as the art or history lesson he or she is studying.

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Your young learner will require your time and guidance to help him or her with completing schoolwork. This is a precious time for you and your child to engage in learning and exploring together-discovering the wonders of reading, math, history and science. In these early years of learning, your student is establishing important foundations for future academic and personal growth.

In elementary school you will work closely with your student's teacher to complete the daily lesson plan and monitor your student's progress and attendance. Your teacher is there to help you and your student, so please feel free to reach out whenever you have questions. This partnership with your student's teacher will ensure your child's ongoing success.

3rd - 5th Grade

Although our third through fifth grade students are becoming more independent, they still rely upon you, the Learning Coach, to guide them through their day. You will want to monitor for quality work and ensure your student is staying on task. Your OHVA teacher continues to be there for you to support you when you have questions or concerns.

Middle School

Students become more independent in middle school, and begin to take more responsibility for their own learning with each passing year.

As part of his or her academic program, your student may be required to attend "Class Connect" sessions, where they will receive direct instruction from teachers and interact with peers.

In our Middle School program, your teacher will also work with you to ensure your child is progressing as expected academically. As always, please feel free to bring us your questions as you have them.