3-5 Teaching Team

About Amy Helm-Borchers, 3-5 Principal:

I have been in the education field for 22 years having spent the last seven working for the Ohio Virtual Academy. Throughout my career I have taught Kindergarten through fourth grade, served as a grade level academic lead teacher, and as mentor lead teacher. I grew up in the Toledo area and attended the University of Toledo where I earned my Bachelors and Masters Degrees. Six years ago, I moved to the Dayton area where I live with my husband and four children. They are all very special individuals whom I celebrate every day and they keep me laughing, crying and very grounded.

Amy Helm-Borchers

3rd Grade

Amy Christiansen-Temple

Jennifer Cool

Marilyn Fraley

Jeanne Kobylski

Nancy Lemmon

Jamie McDaniel

Amy Reich

Leah Rutherford

Deanne Weber

Andrea Zimmerman


4th Grade

Christi Raczynski, 4th Grade Lead Teacher

Kristi Bachman

Amanda Evans

Heather Walsh

Sarah Thiel

Louisa Hemmelgarn

5th Grade

Peggy Landers, 5th Grade Lead Teacher

Lacy Jones

Abby Lang

Alison Puttman

Sarah Riley

Ellen Shumaker

Cathy Young

Melissa Shoemaker

Beth Levigne

Rachel Miller


Intervention Specialists

Kelli Stull, Lead Intervention Specialist 3-5

Alicia Abadal

Jamie Bays

Kiana Clark

Kathy Ehlenbach

Jill Forsman

Samantha Perozeni

Karla Pifher

Heather Sapp

Mindy Sprow

Joli Taylor

Tiffany Laffin

Elizabeth Adair

Carol Rudisill

Lynn Casey

Wendy Derexson