K-2 Teaching Team

About Debbie Wotring, K-2 Principal:

Debbie Wotring has been with the Ohio Virtual Academy since its launch in 2002 and has worked as a teacher, lead teacher and principal. She holds a Master's degree in Education from Oral Roberts University and has been a licensed educator in the state of Ohio since 1990. In 2008 Mrs. Wotring received the K12 Founders Award given by Ron Packard, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of K12. The award certified that recipients demonstrated exceptional innovation, inspiration, and passion for helping students unleash their xPotential. In 2009 she was awarded the Master Teacher certification through the Ohio Department of Education by demonstrating excellence inside and outside of the classroom through consistent leadership and focused collaboration to maximize student learning. Through all of her years in education Mrs. Wotring feels her most valuable professional experience has been schooling her own children at home.

Debbie Wotring, K-2 Principal


K-2 Teaching Team

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