School Board Information

To contact the OHVA Board of Trustees, email

View the Amended Meeting Notice and Online Location [PDF] for the August 18, 2020 Board Meeting. 

The Board of Trustees meets at 2 pm on the following dates:

Ohio Virtual Academy Board Meetings and Minutes


Date Agendas Minutes
August 13, 2019 Agenda [PDF]  Minutes [PDF]
October 15, 2019 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]  
December 10, 2019 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
February 18, 2020 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
April 21, 2020 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
May 19, 2020 Agenda [PDF] Minutes [PDF]
June 16, 2020 Agenda [PDF]  


Note: Minutes are posted after the following board meeting. Example: August minutes will be posted following the October meeting.

To access previous school years School Board Information, visit the archives.

Listed below are our Board of Trustees:

Matt Norton: President

Adam Davenport: Vice-President

Jennifer Wise:  Secretary

Jacob Moeller: Treasurer

Kelly Arndt: Board Member

David Kalman: Board Member

Susan Lippens: Board Member

Benjamin Lochbihler:  Board Member

Gina Lopez: Board Member

Tiaunna Richardson:  Board Member

Stephen Vasquez: Board Member

Sarah Zimmerman-Thornhill:  Board Member

Special Notices