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English Learner (EL) Program and Resources

Notification of Language Assistance Services

Do you need an INTERPRETER? A free, professional live interpreter may be requested at any time by contacting the school directly at 419-482-0948.

All parents and guardians of OHVA students may request free language translation services at any time. Parents and guardians may request information about Academy programs and activities in a language they can understand.

English as a Second Language (ESL)/English Learners (EL)

Ohio Virtual Academy offers supportive services to those students having a primary language other than English. If you have or know of a child of limited English proficiency, please contact your assigned OHVA teacher for support and information, or contact the program administrator at the contact information listed below.

Language Assistance Plan

The Language Assistance Plan at Ohio Virtual Academy includes policies, procedural guidance, and supporting documents to ensure appropriate and timely language assistance to national origin minority, Limited English Proficient parents/guardians (LEP parents) that ensures they are notified, in a language they understand, of school activities, including activities related to and associated with their role as learning coaches, and other information and matters that are called to the attention of other parents. LEP parents may or may not have children who qualify for EL services; LEP parents must receive language assistance in a language they understand regardless of the EL eligibility of their children enrolled in Ohio Virtual Academy. Click here to learn more about OHVA’s Language Assistance Plan and policies.

Identification process

Click here to learn more about our process for identification of English Language Learners.

EL Resource for Families

Click to learn more about your rights regarding immigration: https://www.ilrc.org/red-cards


EL Program Staff and Contact Information

EL Program Administrator:

Andrea Zawisza
Extension 5078

EL Teachers:

Jill Brown, grades K-6
Extension 3018

Denise Scott, grades 6-9

Lesley Demagall, grades 10-12
Extension 2137