You Heard It Here First

We’re proud of the strong community we’ve built at Ohio Virtual Academy (OHVA). Hear directly from our students, parents and alums how their time at OHVA has helped enrich their lives.*

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What People Are Saying

I found this virtual academy platform very helpful … because it’s much more hands-on. We get to be more balanced, and our daughter gets the same access to the curriculum, teachers, and students without all the extra hoops like drop-off and pickup. The online process gives us flexibility and wellness; the platform offers you an opportunity to control your time.

2024 OHVA parent


I feel that if I had not come from my previous school [to OHVA], I probably wouldn’t have graduated, and I can tell everyone here really cares for me.

Christopher, 2023 OHVA graduate


OHVA has provided me with [an] experience that I won’t forget. I was able to set goals I was not able to maintain in public school, and I graduated with straight As from OHVA.

Maxine, 2023 OHVA graduate


My son has been going to OHVA since fourth grade, and I want to thank all the teachers. They have been great. They … help and help our son become the person he is today.

Lisa, 2023 OHVA parent



I have been a part of OHVA since kindergarten; it has been an excellent option for my family and me and allows me to go at my own pace and graduate with an associate degree. I have met very nice and cool people, and my teachers also greatly care about me.

Summer, 2023 OHVA graduate


The teachers focus more on what my son can do than what he can’t do, and they don’t worry if he needs to fidget in class because of his sensory issues. OHVA was the third school we brought our son to, and it works best for us; the teacher support is what sets it apart.

Stacey, 2024 OHVA parent


I have been with OHVA for eight years, and it has taught me to believe in myself … Teacher support propelled me to where I am today, and I’m very proud of myself. Thank you so much, OHVA.

Selena, 2023 OHVA graduate


One of the strengths of OHVA is that they can take the children and individualize the program for what is best for them, helping them to go out in the world and follow their passions and desires.

Katherine, 2023 OHVA parent


My daughter started OHVA when she was in third grade, and it was the best experience ever. We have been so happy with the experience and the teachers. I would recommend OHVA to everyone.

Heather, 2023 OHVA parent



Without OHVA, I couldn’t have gone to a fencing tournament in Paris because I would have missed too much school. But through OHVA, I can train more … I can mix up my schedule, get more training hours in, and travel to more tournaments with flexibility.

Joseph, 2024 OHVA student


I like that it’s a super safe environment, there is no meanness or bullying, and there are super nice teachers. If people decide to enroll next year, they won’t regret it because it’s such a great school.

Harmony, 2024 OHVA student

*All statements reflect each person’s own experience at OHVA.