Middle School

Middle School Matters

For online students, it’s the first step out of elementary school curriculum and into the more challenging middle school program. Students need to be engaged without feeling overwhelmed by the next step in their education. Ohio Virtual Academy’s (OHVA’s) approach makes the most of your child’s unique potential and helps them hone their strengths and interests.

We’re excited to partner with you to ensure a successful learning experience for your child. Your child’s teacher will be right by your side, guiding you both throughout the school year. And you’ll find a variety of resources on this website to help get your school year off to a strong start.

Explore the links below to see what the middle school program offers:

Where do I begin?

Step 2: Visit Strong Start

Step 3: Get connected!

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Once the school year starts, your school representative will contact you. But completing the steps above beforehand, will help you get the school year started strong.