Student Support Team

Student Advisors

Your student’s advisor is the foundation of the student support team—your “go to” for all things OHVA. They should be your first point of contact for all correspondence. It’s imperative that you open all mail and answer all phone calls from your advisor. If your advisor needs to include another staff member to address your questions, they’ll coordinate that communication.

Team Members

In addition to your student’s advisor, student support teams include a group of staff who work alongside your student’s advisor and teachers to provide additional resources and services, if needed. These team members include

  • Our social workers
  • The absence intervention team
  • Truancy officers

The goal of the student support team is to provide personalized, focused support to ensure families are familiar with all of OHVA’s programs and resources, know how to access and navigate all our platforms, and can take advantage of and fully participate in our model of education.

Student Support Team Leadership