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What is the Student Advisory Council?

The Student Advisory Council is a select group of K12-powered students from around the country who serve as advisors for their peers as well as brand ambassadors for K12 and their schools. Through this paid internship opportunity, they provide valuable feedback and insight about their experiences with career readiness education.

Meet Our Student Advisors

Fall 2023 Cohort

Zyamari Maloy

Ohio Virtual Academy

Career Field: Business: Business & Administrative Services

Grade: 12

Hobbies: Reading, writing books, working on graphic design, and managing my clothing line.

My dream job is to be a content creator. I also want to be a nail tech; I’m interested in learning more about it so I can make it into a career.

Fall 2022 Cohort

Jerome Pathakamuri

Ohio Virtual Academy

Career Field: Business: Business & Administrative Services

Grade: 10

Hobbies: Playing chess in the Stride e-Sports league, skiing, traveling, investing in the stock market, playing strategy board games like Axis and Allies, and reading about history.

My dream job is to be the chief executive officer of a company. I have always been fascinated by how companies run: how they make money, how they acquire other companies, and how sometimes they must divest some of their holdings. I can’t think of anything better than getting to make these decisions as a CEO.

Fall 2021 Cohort

Carter Hirn

Ohio Virtual Academy

Career Field: Business

Grade: 11

Hobbies: Sports/video games and volunteering at my local library.

I’ve chosen the business career field because I know that I want to go into business but I’m not yet sure what type. So far I’ve done marketing, accounting, and management. They’ve all given me a better understanding of what I want to do in the future.

Cheynoa Icenhour

Ohio Virtual Academy

Career Field: Engineering and Design

Grade: 11

Hobbies: Side by side riding, makeup, loving on my pets.

My dream job would be working as part of a NASCAR team’s engineering team. Then, eventually, a crew chief. I love the exhilaration and power of the sport.

Spring 2021 Cohort

Irie Green

Ohio Virtual Academy

Career Field: Information Technology

Hello, my name is Irie Green. I am 17 years old and am a part of the interactive media program with the Stride Career Prep program. I have been with the program for about a year and a half. In the interludes of free time that I have, I take pleasure in painting, playing the mandolin, animating, hiking, reading, and drawing. I enjoy studying western art history and am trying to expand to studying world art history. I am currently studying the life and works of the artists Maurice Sendak and Zdzisław Beksiński. I run an Etsy shop and have gained some success and profit from my mixed media animations. I am delighted to have the chance to work for the Student Advisory Council.

Samantha Minneman

Ohio Virtual Academy

Career Field: Healthcare

Hi my name is Samantha Minneman! I’m a junior year student at Ohio Virtual Academy (OHVA) and I am in the medical assistant career pathway. I also am in the CCP program earning credits that can be transferred to college. I enjoy the experience of virtual learning at OHVA because it suits my learning style much better than in-person instruction. It has also helped in preparing me for a potential career in the healthcare field and given me tools to work smarter overall. I chose to become a student advisor as a way to get real-world work experience as a high school student. Outside of school I am a skilled dancer and am currently with a pre-professional ballet company which allows me to perform at least five times a year!

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