ISP Supplement

Why Does OHVA Provide ISP Supplement?

Consistent internet access is necessary for success at OHVA. That’s why we provide an internet supplement for each eligible family.

Looking to Supplement Your Internet (ISP) Cost?

Near the end of each semester, there are dates you may upload your internet bills/verification online using a secure online form.

The submission dates for the 23-24 school year for each semester are:  

Fall Semester:   Jan. 3 – 17, 2024  

Spring Semester:   May 21 – June 5, 2024

Review the board policy below:

  • Consistent Internet access is a requirement for enrollment in the Ohio Virtual Academy. When Internet verification is provided by a student’s parent, a portion of the costs associated with Internet access is provided by a supplement for students enrolled in our school each semester.
  • The Ohio Virtual Academy will provide a supplement to families of $20 per month towards the partial costs associated with Internet access. The supplement period is from August through May.
  • Note: No family, regardless of the number of OHVA students, will receive more than $20 per month.
  • Families must participate in the Online School, as well as have compliant, consistent attendance throughout the semester as described in the School Handbook, in order to qualify for ISP supplement.
  • Families must submit/upload their internet bills online during the submission window provided each semester. Bills should be submitted digitally online through the school website. Instructions can be found on the website. If the bill is not submitted within the planned submission time, the family will not receive a supplement for that semester. The address on the billing statement must match the current mailing address on file for the student(s). Only one check per address will be issued.
  • Checks will be issued to the current Learning Coach on file.
  • Supplement payments are mailed twice each year:
    • Within ten weeks after the last day of Semester 1
    •  Within ten weeks after the last day of Semester 2
  • Late enrollment will result in a pro-rated/partial supplement
  • Students must be enrolled through the end of the semester in order to be eligible for a supplement for that semester.


Tip: If you have internet, you will probably have an online account with your provider.  Access this account online and download billing statements as PDFs.

Questions? Contact your advisor as needed.