Meet Our Team

Meet Our Administrators

Ohio Virtual Academy’s (OHVA’s) administration is ready to share their innovation, expertise, and enthusiasm with your family. Their leadership is dedicated to empowering our school community.

Dr. Kristin Stewart | Head of School

Kyle Wilkinson | Director of Academics

Johna McClure | Special Programs Director

Emily Rogers headshot

Emily Rogers | Sr. Operations Manager

Dr. Debbie Wotring | K–2 Principal

Amy Helm-Brochers | 3–5 Principal

Samantha Lathan | Middle School Principal

Marie Mueller | 9th Grade Principal

Andrea Zawisza | 10th Grade Principal

Amy Muehlenbruch | 11th Grade Principal

Andrew Smerekanich | 12th Grade Principal

Megan Daley | K – 12 Principal, Student Support

Lauren Logan | Career Readiness Education Program Administrator

Tarik West | Career Readiness Education Academic Administrator

Christy Echevarria | Special Education Manager

Sharon Annis | Project and Data Manager

Heidi Ragar | At-Risk Services Manager

Susie Ebie | School Community Relations Administrator / Family Support

Susie works with school activities for students, school communication, and parent volunteers/parent involvement in the school.

Shana VanGrimbergen | Title and Federal Grants Coordinator

Amy Booth | Professional Development Coordinator

Courtney Rahe | Emis Coordinator